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Flash Orange Footwear clip

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The footwear clip that allows you to hang extra footwear to the outside of your bag! Great for anyone who plays sports or has an active lifestyle!

Can also be used in the following situations:

1) Dirty shoes - Don't want to hang on your bag or dirty your shoebag. Well clip and hand carry it or cover it with a showercap!

2) Heavy bulky items like army boots, roller blades or boxing gloves. Clip and hang it up!

3) Backpacking and Travelling- Free up your luggage!

4) Smelly shoes- Air it so it wouldn't smell in the first place or place sneaker balls inside.

5) Not enough space in your shoe cabinet? Hang it up on your window grill to air dry it too!

Available in 11 colours: 
Army green 
Neon Yellow 
Flash Orange 
Neon Purple 
Neon Blue 
Neon Green 
Neon Pink